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General Rental Conditions

General Rental Conditions

General rental and cancellation terms

When you create a booking with us, you enter into an agreement with us that involves rights and obligations for both parties. The document below will show you the exact contents of this agreement.


1. Booking
Via "" and "", you can book a holiday accommodation at Bospark Markelo in Markelo for a specific period. Should the accommodation turn out not to be suitable after your booking, the reservation will be canceled and you will be offered an alternative immediately. After creating your booking, you will receive a booking confirmation via email, containing all details of your booking and the payment method. For bookings, the main booker must be 26 years of age and older. Also, the main booker must be present in the booked accommodation during the entire stay should the other guests be younger than 26 should the fellow travelers indicated in his/her booking be younger than 26.

2. Additional costs
The prices of the holiday accommodation include booking fees, tourist tax, environment tax, cleaning and any bed linen and booked extras. The reservation fees are calculated per booking. The tourist tax and environment tax depend on the size of your company and the duration of your stay, and are displayed on the website before you finalize your booking. The cleaning costs can be found in this overview as well. Of course, all additional costs will be specified clearly on the invoice you receive along with your booking confirmation.

3. Prices
The prices on the website of Bospark Markelo and are kept up to date to the best of our ability. However, Bospark Markelo reserves the right to change the prices. The correct price is always shown during the booking process. The price specified in the booking confirmation is binding. Any apparent typographical errors are not binding to us.

4. Rates
All specified rates are weekly rates applying to periods from Friday to Friday, midweek rates applying to periods from Monday to Friday, weekend rates applying to periods from Friday to Monday, or daily rates. The check-in and check-out times are displayed on your booking confirmation and on our websites.

5. Payment
During the booking, 50% of the total amount will be charged to you. Payment of this amount must take place within 14 days after the definitive booking. Payment of the remaining amount must be completed 30 days before the date of arrival at the latest. When booking a stay within one month before the start of your stay, the entire amount must be paid at once. In case of late or incomplete payment, the booking will be canceled after a written warning. Any amounts already paid will not be reimbursed.

6. Cancellation
In case the holiday maker cancels the agreement before the starting date, they will owe a fixated compensation. This amounts to: - In case of cancellation over three months before the starting date: 25% of the agreed up on price; - In case of cancellation within three to two months of the starting date: 50% of the agreed upon price; - In case of cancellation within one month of the starting date: 90% of the agreed upon price; In case of cancellation within one week of the starting date: 100% of the agreed upon price. We will always reimburse you for the tourist tax, environment tax, cleaning costs and any other booked extras. We advise you to purchase a cancellation insurance.

7. Water, gas, electricity
The rental prices of the holiday accommodations at Bospark Markelo include the use of water, gas and electricity. If this is not the case, it will be clearly indicated in the description of the accommodation in question.

8. Arrival and Departure
You can report to the park's reception on the day of arrival. The arrival and departure times are specified on your booking confirmation. If you are unable to arrive during these times, we kindly request you to contact the respective park by telephone. Please bring your booking confirmation with you to reception.

9. Accountability
Bospark Markelo and cannot be held accountable for any form of damage to or loss and theft of property during your vacation at one of our accommodations.

10. Complaints
For complaints during and after the stay at an accommodation offered by Bospark Markelo, please contact the park's reception. Please make sure to do so during your stay, so that the park's staff have the opportunity to resolve the issue for you.

11. Awarding
Bookings are created subject to awarding by the owner of the concerned holiday accommodation. Bookings may be rejected without any provided reason. Bookings by companies for the purpose of housing employees may be rejected by us. For bookings, the main booker must be 26 years and older.


Do you have any additional questions? Pleas contact us by telephone via +31547 33 44 52 or send an email to

Kind regards,
The Bospark Markelo team